Domestic Affairs

Lane Stone serves up a funny, saucy Southern charmer of a cozy. Leigh Reed and her cohorts Victoria and Tara are a three stylish, sassy sleuths. Hooked from the breathtaking opening scene, every page turning twist kept me enthralled. I can’t wait to tag along for their next exciting escapade! – Amy Beth Arkawy, author The Eliza Gordon Mysteries. In Lane Stone’s second mystery, Domestic Affairs, Tiara Investigations is again on the case. Expect snappy, funny dialogue, a fast-paced tangle of mishaps. Let a furious husband try to kill them, and all bets are off. – Judy Hogan, author of the Penny Weaver mysteries: Killer Frost (2012) and Farm Fresh and Fatal (2013).
Available in paperback

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“If you run, I’ll chase you. If you stay, I’ll kill you, Leigh Reed.”

Was he getting smart with me? In addition to not giving me a decent option, he said my name like it was a cuss word.

The Atlanta Falcons must have scored a touchdown against the Washington Redskins because the fans in the Georgia Dome roared. That meant no one could hear me if I screamed. We were in a ladies room and he had me pinned against the line of sinks. The long fingers of his left hand were wrapped around my neck and with his right hand he hit the metal paper towel holder with his fist.

Mr. Sanders, we’re Tiara Investigations.” I imitated his tone. “You cheated on your wife and we have proof. Now your life is going to be in the….” I pointed to one of the stalls.

As Tara had so aptly phrased it, he had been “testing his tube” on someone other than his wife. When he caught Victoria photographing him, he grabbed her arm and ran off. Tara and I chased them into the ladies room, but there was no sign of her. Come to think of it, where had Tara gone?

The extra point kick was good and the crowd cheered again.