current-affairs-coverx100Tiara Investigations detectives, Leigh, Tara and Victoria, are former Georgia beauty queens, now in their late-40’s. When they’re at the scene of a murder and cannot give a single clue, a police detective with a grudge against them sees a perfect opportunity to shut them down. To save their agency they’ll have to stay one step ahead of him, and to save themselves one step ahead of the killer. And then there’s the matter of their own husbands knowing nothing about their enterprise.

Current Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery is about three women who found their true selves in mid-life.



In DOMESTIC AFFAIRS: A Tiara Investigations Mystery, when a prospective client is found dead and all clues circle back to the Southern former beauty queens turned detectives, they’re pulled into solving another murder.

In the second installment, their significant others still know nothing of their successful agency, but are having suspicions that are hard to ignore.



MaltipoosAreMurderHighResCo-written with Jacqueline Corcoran.

Can a murder investigation keep these opposites from attracting?

Washington D.C. veterinarian, CARA ROGERS, lost her license when financial irregularities were discovered in the employee pension fund. Ashamed and guilt-ridden, she moves to Virginia hunt country to run La Maison de Chien, her aunt’s pet spa. La Maison should be named dog mansion given the opulent state of the facilities.

On the first day at her new job, Cara finds Aunt Marian dead in the pool where the dogs have their swimming lessons. The only witness to the murder is Rex, an apricot maltipoo. He’s not talking, but he may be providing clues the only way he knows how.

Middleburg Police Detective COLE SAMPSON can’t stay away from the meddlesome newcomer from Washington, but he should. After all, Cara plans to return to her old life as soon as she can.

Which life will she choose the end?